Oh Anon, thank you so much!

I won’t delete this blog, don’t worry. I’m just cleaning it up.

Although admittedly, I’m not really watching Glee that much anymore (although I do still keep myself updated with the gifs, spoilers, specs, fics, and stuff) but that doesn’t mean that I will stop drawing Chris and Darren. Or even Kurt and Blaine. ;)

About 3 months ago, I got a new job and since then, I’ve been really busy. :( I’m kinda just floating away in real life right now, but I still intend for tumblr/fandom/Chris/Darren/other-tv-shows-that-I’m-watching to be my escape. I know there are too many awesome artists out there who are waaayyyy better than me *insert worshipping gif here*, but if I stop drawing, I might as well go fucking insane.

Er… tl;dr: I won’t stop drawing Chris and Darren.

I won’t stop drawing, period. (Even if I do take too fucking long in finishing a piece.)

And thank you for the message! <3

Hi. :)

Just popping in. Still cleaning up my blog so only the artworks will remain. I’m not fully abandoning this shit (lol) because I’m still planning on finishing some wips. Hopefully I can post one really soon, if not this week then the next after that. 

Hmm… what else… I guess that’s it? Thanks to everyone who’s still following this crap! I don’t know what I did to deserve you guys. ;____;

So, see you soon.